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Professional learning Clips with James Anderson - Developing agile Learners

These short 5-10minute video clips have been designed in collaboration with James Anderson in response to questions and topics raised by members of our Discovery and Makeknowdoact Clusters. They centre around the kind of learners we are trying to develop. Learners who embrace the challenge of owning and managing their own learning. Learners who are developing the skills and dispositions to be self-motivated and self managing. The videos are designed as provocations for further thinking and discussion. James can be contacted via his website:

Introduction to the PL video series and setting the context for our Cluster schools

Where Learning Dispositions/Habits of Mind Fit in the Curriculum

Approaches to Learning Dispositions/Habits of Mind, and how to move your school from teaching about dispositions to developing the dispositions of all students

Why 16 Habits of Mind, and why language isn’t a barrier

The Learning Landscape: An explanation of how the Learning Landscape can be used as a metaphor to enable teachers to talk to students about their learning.

Raising the Bar: Describing different levels of challenge and learning students may encounter.

Challenge Pits: Not all challenges are the same!

Learner Agency: Equiping your students to better engage in the Learning Process. Using formative assessment to move from effort and towards efficacy.

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