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Professional Learning Clips with Lisa Burman:

Book Making

Writer's Workshop- Bookmaking is a very engaging writing experience for children, and it is the vehicle for a very explicit and rigorous way of teaching children how to write.  In these short 10-15 minute video clips Lisa Burman addresses some key topics and questions our Discovery Members have about Bookmaking. They are designed to be used for personal Professional learning, and can be viewed by individual teachers at a time that best suits them. We also recommend viewing them as a team during a PLT or staff meeting and using them as a provocation for discussing how you are currently using the Bookmaking approach at your school, and how you can go deeper with the approach. Lisa can be contacted via her website: 

Bookmaking Conversation 1- Explicit teaching through the Bookmaking Approach, especially through ‘mini-lessons’

Bookmaking conversation 2 - Exploring and teaching children about ‘genre’ within the Bookmaking Approach

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